Why I Care So Much About Water

Mia Owen  |  Owner & Water Consultant with Better Health On Tap

The human body is comprised of over 70% water. It is no exaggeration to say that “the basis of vitality and long life is water.” In 2018 my eyes were opened to not all water being created equal.  Seeing the quality of my family’s health life change by changing the quality of our water was the spark that lit my passion to educate others on water quality options.  There is clean water and miracle waters. My dream, I imagine all of us having a clean water source to tap into and hydrate with.

Nature has produced “Miracle Waters” in only 7 places in the world: Lourdes, France – Tiacote, Mexico – Nordenau, Germany – Delhi, India, Japan, Italy and China. The native people in these areas enjoy long and healthy lives. The secret to these waters is that they are clean, they are living, they are naturally mineral rich in alkaline, small in cluster, and rich in negative ions – “antioxidants”. There is a way to recreate this in our homes.

Testimonials About Our Filters:

I recently purchased a new home in a new development and had a lot of chlorine in my water. I had a couple of different water companies come out and Clear Water Solutions was the most knowledgeable and professional. They kept me informed from start to finish and even came back a month after installing my water system to retest my Water. I would highly recommend giving them a call.

After doing weeks of research on a water purification system for my new house I came across Clear Water Solutions. I spoke with them on the phone and they came out that day to test my water. They were very knowledgeable about answering all my questions about the system, which made my choice very easy. I no longer have to worry about buying bottled water!

We installed Clear Water Solutions two months ago and are enjoying our Pioneer purification system. They did a phenomenal job installing the system. Very courteous, knowledgeable and professional.

I LOVE my water treatment system, my skin and hair feel so soft and I have noticed how easy to drink my water now it’s so thirst quenching and lite. I’m so happy I called Clear Water Solutions to come out to test my water.

We absolutely love ours! I AM DEFINITELY IMPRESSED. We asked Clear Water Solutions to come into our home and check the water. We learned that we had a lot of heavy metals, chlorine, arsenic, and several other toxins in our water. Since investing in the Clear Water Solutions System our water tastes better, my skin feels softer, my hands are clearing up, my dishes are no longer spotty from the dishwasher & my laundry even looks and smells more fresh and clean. It’s the best investment we’ve made yet concerning our overall health! I wish we had found this for our 1st home. It’s changed our lives!

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